Extra Time

Needing to add extra time to your event?  We have you covered.  Whether its days before the event, the day of the event or during the event you can request to add time.

$50 / hr


AME offers personalized digital monograms that can be displayed on the screen mounted to the DJ truss.  AME will provide you a digital copy via email if you choose so you have the option and opportunity to use it for other items for your event


Song Request Information Cards

Does your package include pre-event song requests.  AME offers the perfect solution for letting your guests know how.  Glossy photo 4 x 6 song request cards that contain all the information needed to submit requests.

$16 per 100

$0.20 each

Extra Fog Solution: $32.49 / gallon

Extra Bubble Solution: $32.49 / gallon

Extra Snow Solution: $32.49 / gallon

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