Behringer X32

Our primary mixer used is the Behringer X32.  This mixer is a 40 input mixer with remote iPad control allowing us to control the music or audio whether we are at the mixers side or across the venue.  

S16 Digital Snake.png

Behringer S16 Digital Snake

Behringer S16 Digital Snake is a digital snake that allows AME to connect devices to our Behringer X32 from a distance by only using a single cable to connect the two devices.

Mackie PROFX8V2

For smaller events we use the Mackie Pro FX8V2 Mixer.  This mixer is a 8 channel that has a small foot print taking up a small amount of space but still allows for full sound.


Mackie Thump18S 

Our primary subwoofer used are Mackie Thump 18S 1200W 18” powered subwoofer.  Combined with the Mackie Thump15A for a crisp room filling sound.

Mackie Mixer.png

Mackie Thump15A 

Our primary speakers used are Mackie Thump 15A 1300W 15” powered speaker.  With use of the Alto Professional Stealth Wireless System we can place speakers around your venue only needing a power source.  

Sub Wolf.png

Alto Professional Stealth Wireless System

The Alto Professional Stealth Wireless System offers a 200ft wireless range eliminating hundreds of feet of cabling.  With multi-channel reducing interference for seamless sound throughout the venue.

Audio-Technica System

10 Pro 

Our primary microphone system used for ceremonies and main events is the Audio-Technica Pro 10.  This system has receiver units can be released from the chassis and mounted remotely up to 328' away via Ethernet cable allowing for increased range and versatility with automatic frequency selection for seamless, interference-free operation.

Microphone System.png
Behringer Ultra Voice Mic.png

Behringer Ultravoice XM1800S Dynamic  Microphones

Behringer Ultravoice microphones are the primary mics used for karaoke.  These mics are also used as our back up with the Nux B-3 wireless system in the event we have primary mic problems.

dJay Pro 2

dJay Pro 2 is the main software we use to play music from a variety of sources through to find the music your guests will enjoy the most.  Software is operated from a MacBook Pro.

Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 12.01.12

ADJ myDMX RM Lighting Controller

myDMX RM Lighting Controller.png

The myDMX RM Light Controller offers a wide variety of features when used along with myDMX 3.0 software.  From custom light shows, computer control on site, wireless remote iPad control and pre-programed stand alone operation are just some of the main features.

Chiny DMX 512 Dfi

With the Chiny DMX 512 Dfi along with our myDMX RM and myDMX software we can control our lights wirelessly.  


The American DJ Mega Flat Pack LED is a 108 RGB Color mixing round LED light with digital DMX addressing that gives any venue great lighting.

Light Bar.png

American DJ LED

Mega Bar RGB50

The American DJ Mega Bar RGB50 is a 22 inch RGB Color mixing LED bar with digital DMX addressing that gives any venue great lighting.

American DJ Supply X Move R25 Light

ADJ’s X-Move LED 25R with 6 rotating gobos and a 25W white LED source with 8 colors plus white.

Moving Light.png

Lixada Moving Head Light

Lixada DJ light features 7 individually controllable 10 watt RGBW Osram LEDs that deliver a tight 1.5 degree beam that will cut through the darkness.

New Moving Head Light.png
Spider Light.png

U-King Spider Moving Head Light

Quick Sweeping Narrow Beam Lamp Beads with three independent electrical machine for rotating lights.

American DJ JellyFish Translucent Light

American DJ JellyFish translucent light has 84 RGB LEDS lights that are controlled via DMX.  

Jellyfish Light.png

12" Mirror Ball

12" Disco Mirror Ball  with 2 LED Pinspots.  Mirror ball rotates while the spot lights light up the ball giving a white spotted dance floor.

Pinspot Light

Pinspot light to light up the mirror ball for a disco light effect

Pin Spot.png

Chauvet Trusst Goal Post Portable Lighting Truss System

Chauvet Trusst Goal Post Portable Lighting Tuss System is used by AME to hang lights around the DJ setup.  AME also has 32 inch TV's mounted on the truss during some event.


Global Truss Speaker Mount

Global Truss Speaker Mount is used to allow AME to place speakers on the DJ truss.  This allows the sound to project over the crowd allowing for a clearer sound throughout your venue.

Truss Speaker Mount.png
Stand Black.png
Stand Black with Cover.png

Rockville Totem Light and Speaker Stand

Rockville Totam Light and Speaker stand is used by AME to hold some lights but mostly speakers during events.  AME uses these stands to have elevated speakers away from the DJ set-up.  Stand available in black and white with black and white scrims.

Impact Mounts Adjustable Height Floor iPad Stand

Impact Mounts Adjustable Height Floor Stand is used to allow guest to submit song requests to the DJ.  AME uses electronic song request to better serve the guest at your event

Large iPad Stand.png
iPad Table Stand copy.png

CarrieCathy iPad Desktop Stand

CarrieCathy iPad Desktop Stand is used to allow guest to submit song requests to the DJ.  These are also used for selecting your karaoke songs and putting yourself into the karaoke cue.