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Behringer Eurolive

Our backup/monitor speakers used are Behringer Eurolive 800W 12” passive speaker.   

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American DJ DMX  


Our backup light controller is the American DJ DMX Operator Pro DMX.


Behringer Europower PMP6000

Our backup mixer used is the Behringer Europower PMP6000.  This mixer is a 20 output mixer with builtin amplifiers.  

Behringer Eurolive Speaker.png

NUX B-3 Wireless Microphone System

Our backup microphones are dynamic microphones that use the NUX B-3  system.  This system connects to any dynamic microphone and give a wireless range of approx. 100 feet with a latency is less than 4 milliseconds.  

ADJ Light Controller.png


Our backup DJ software is still the dJay software.  Our backup system is operated off of an iPad Pro