How do I book?

Contact us via facebook, email, phone or by our contact us form.  Contact us or look on out calendar to see if you date of choice is open.  Tell us the service your requesting and what times we are needed for.  Will complete and send you the contract for you to sign.  All of our contracts are completed electronically.  We will email you the contract for you to sign.  Contracts are signed electronically and once you complete the signature portion and submit it the contract is automatically sent back to us and you will also receive a copy of the completed document.  After the contract is signed submit your inital payment and the date is officially booked for your event.


Do allow extensions during events?
Yes we do pending we have the ability to do so with time.  


What do you require for initial payments?
We require a 30% inital payment of total balance due to hold the date.  Inital payment must be received within defined time of signed contract.  Total balance due is penalty free if paid 3 weeks prior to the event or 2 weeks prior to the event with a 15% penalty fee applied.  


What payments do you accept?

We accept cash and credit card.  Invoices will be sent to you via email.  If you choose to pay with a credit card, you will pay via the online  invoice that is sent upon booking.  Want to extend your event during your event?  No problem we will accept cash and credit card payments on site for increased entertainment time.  Additional service fee may apply. 


Do you take song requests?

Yes we do.  We take song requests from you and your guests that are submitted electronically.  We provide up to 4 iPads in locking stands that your guests can use to submit song requests.  When your guest submits a song it sends the request to the DJ.  Have songs that you don't want played?  No problem.  All requests are screened to ensure you want them to be played at your event. 


Do you take only take song requests electronically?
Yes.  We switched to electronic song reqeusts for a couple of reasons.  Upon requesting a song we ask for the song title and for the artist to better allow for us to obtain the correct song.  Electronic song requests not only protect us and our equipment but also you as the contracting person.  We have had many close calls and guest that have spilled drinks and food on our equipment.  Moving to electronic song requests have almost eliminated that problem.  


What if my guests aren't able to get to the provided iPad to submit request?
No problem.  We have cards that can be placed on tables or given to guest that have a QR code for your guest to scan that takes them to our song submission webpage.  They can complete the form and submit it directly from their interent connected smart phone.  Don't have a QR scanner on your phone?  Your guest can download a QR scanner from the App Store or Google Play.  No worries though if they don't want to download an app, they can go to the web browers of choice and type in the web address for the song request site. 


Do you attend wedding rehearsal when providing sound for the wedding ceremony?

Absolutely.  In most cases we require per our contract that we attend the rehearsal when providing the sound for a ceremony.  We do this to assure that we have the correct desired music that you choose and an understanding of what is to happen during your ceremony.  We strive to make your big day go as well as we can.

Do you have a written contract?

Yes.  After we have confirmed your date is available we will gather required information to write up our contract.  Contracts are sent via adobe sign and track software and will be signed electronically once you have completed the signature, the contract is automatically sent back to us and you are sent a signed copy as well.  


What information is needed for the contract?

Information that will be obtained for the contract is: Name, Address, Phone Number, Email, Date of Event, Location of Event, TIme of Event, End Time of the Event, Package Choice


What if I don’t know some of the required contract information, like the location or time?  

We will send partial contracts that contain all of your contract information and the date of the event, holding the date for you once initial payment has been received.  After the unknown details have been decided your contract will be updated and you will be required to sign the updated contract. Price of partial contract and final contract may differ once factors that alter prices have been decided.  


Can we meet before signing the contract?

Yes.  Contact us to set up a meeting and we will be able to go over all the information and questions you may have for us.


Who will be the DJ?

Our primary DJ is Andy Mericle, Owner.  Most cases your event will be DJ’d by Andy himself.  


How long do you hold our date before signing the contract?

After you have requested services for a specified date and a contract has been sent, we give you 2 weeks to sign and return the contract along with the initial payment.  Signed contract and initial payment are both required to secure your date.


Do you book more than one event per day?

As a general rule we only book one event per day.  Depending on the location of the event and timing aloud we prefer to show up prior to our required time to set up our equipment, test our equipment and review any questions we or the contracting person may have.  


Can we have a “Do Not Play” list?

Yes.  We want your event to be the way you want it.  If that means some song choices are not played than we will not play them. 


What if my event is somewhere there is not a power outlet?

Depending on the location and package desired AME has a power generator that can be used.  Not all options may be avaliable for use while on generator power.  Additional fees will apply.  Ask for more details and pricing.

Can I provide my own generator for use in locations without power?

No.  Due to the costly value of our equipment and potential power surges while running off of generator power AME will only use our own supplied generators.  

Do you have a photo booth attendant?

Someone will always be onsite when the photo booth is in operation, however they may not alway be right at the side of the photo booth.  Depending on your event and the services all you have contracted for we may be able to have someone at the booth the entire time or may have to check on it periodically throughout the event.

Where should I put the photo booth at?

We suggest putting it somewhat close to the action.  If it is out of the way or out of site your guests are likely to not go to it or not even know about it.  One thing to consider is how close your location. is to a power supply.  We do have items to cover the wires to allow for guests to be able to walk around your event without the worry of tripping on the power cord.

Do you have a green screen?

Yes.  We have greens screens and the ability to remove the green and replace it with a digitally inserted image.  This is a fun way to add something different to your event.  There are however a couple of things to know about.  The background quality in the image may not be as clear as a printed background and if you or your guests are wearing green, well you might become a floating head in the image.

Do I have to use one of your backdrops or can I provide my own?

ANE has a selection of back drops available for use by contracting person(s).  AME does not require person(s) to use AME's back drops.  Contracting person are free to use any back drop of their choice.  AME only restricts that any back drops used must be family friendly.  Back drops sizes may effect photos size and surrounding are may be included in photos or backdrops may be cut off on any side.