COVID - 19 Update

With the reopening of the state of Iowa and allowing restoration of services AME is making some changes to our normal operational guidelines.  These changes are not being made lightly and we understand that some of these situations are not ideal, but we are dedicated to continuing to provide the best services we are able to while maintaining the safety and well-being of our clients, their family and friends, venue staff, and AME staff.  We are reducing our face to face contact with non-essential persons at events to better ensure we are able to attend all of our scheduled events.  At this time it is unknown how long these changes will be in effect for.  

Electronic song requests are currently AME’s preferred and standard method of song requests, however, we have continued to accept verbal requests and will terminate this option.  AME will ONLY be accepting electronic song requests.  This is to limit our face to face contact and assist with social distancing.  Standard practice prior to COVID-19 was that AME provided iPads to allow guests to submit song request.  AME will not be providing iPads in locking stands at this time to eliminate multiple guests from touching the same surfaces.  AME will provide laminated cards with a QR code that allow guests to scan the QR code using their personal mobile devices to access the song request website and submit song requests.  Song request cards are created and distributed by AME.  AME requests that cards be cared for and returned at the end of the night.  Cards are inspected for damage and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected for use at our next event.  Damaged cards are destroyed, and new cards are created as needed.  AME will attempt to provide a sufficient number of cards to prevent guests having to share with a large number of others.  AME will also have the song request information and QR code displayed on the TV screens on the DJ truss if your package includes those.  If the package you have selected does not have the screens included AME may choose to add them at no additional cost to our clients.  AME may also choose to have the iPads or another screen placed in another location with the song request information and QR code displayed on it.  Guests that don’t have access to personal electronic devices, such as children, will need to ask a guest they attend the event with to submit song requests for them as AME will not allow face to face requests, even in the event they do not have access to an electronic device.   



In some cases, event times may be limited or reduced to assist in the rescheduling of all events.  AME is attempting to reschedule with as many clients as possible that have had to reschedule or alter plans due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  AME will make all efforts to comply with contracted times and set-ups (packages) but it may be necessary for AME to alter DJ set-ups to reduce set-up / tear down time as well as the amount of equipment having to be cleaned after an event.  AME may have to alter times if the times allotted to the clients by the selected venue have been altered.  When AME see fit to tear down early to allow for time to clean and pack equipment, AME will attempt to notify clients ahead of time.  In the event that AME needs to tear down early AME will attempt, as time, space, personnel and safety for all individuals present allow, to start with tearing down of lights and other axillary equipment and leave the music on as long as possible during the tear down process, if clients choose.  



AME will continue to offer use of microphones for ceremony and speeches during reception.  Microphone use will be limited to minimal persons to limit person to person contamination.  Mics will be cleaned by AME after it has been used and at the end of the event.  AME cannot guarantee the microphone to be cleaned after each person, for example speeches during the reception.  In the event client want the microphone cleaned between each person it can result in 10 minutes between each speech given.  AME is working towards having an increased number of available wireless microphones, however this will be slow process to be able to increase our available number of microphones.  AME’s ultimate end goal is to have a separate microphone available for each person giving a speech to use that can then be cleaned afterwards thus eliminating cross contamination.  



AME will continue to offer karaoke services but have implemented some changes to our current operations.  Microphones will be cleaned after each use.  This may result in a 10-minute delay between each singer.  AME’s ultimate end goal is to have enough extra microphones that AME can switch out used microphones for cleaned microphones allowing karaoke to continue during the cleaning of the used microphones.  AME may, if needed, eliminate the use of microphones for karaoke.  Guests will continue to have the option to sing but will not have access to microphones for use.  The current software used for karaoke is user based sign up via a provided iPad.  AME is currently working on the process for requesting a karaoke song.  The use of the iPad may continues but will have a cleaning period between guests.  This is still under review.   In some cases or in the event of a spike in COVID cases, AME will terminate karaoke services for the safety and well being of all.  



AME offers atmosphere machine use during your event.  However, at this time due to the COVID-19 outbreak AME is temporally terminating atmosphere machine services.  AME has contacted one of our suppliers to inquire about the safety of using these machines are during the COVID-19 time.  Our top priority is the safety and well-being of our clients, their family and friends, venue staff, and AME staff while we work through processes to ensure the safety of all.  



AME offers pre event song request with some packages.  AME may, as seen fit, add this option to your service at no additional cost when it is not already included in your package.  This is to aid in allowing guests to be able to have the songs that they wish to be played all while maintaining social distancing and decreasing interaction with possibly contaminated surfaces and persons. 

Games played during the reception may be limited to assist in social distancing and cleanliness.  At this time AME has opted to only offer the shoe game to be played at receptions.  Other games can be played but AME will not take part in the event and may not provide microphones to be used.  AME will continue to review games offered and update guidelines as seen fit. 

Dollar (Money) Dances are not being allowed at this time to assist in social distancing.  Brides and Grooms, that wish to, may have one dance each with a guest that can be auctioned off to the highest bider.  This will continue to allow the bride and groom to be able to obtain some money for the honeymoon or other events while maintaining social distancing with the majority of the guests.  

Again, we understand that these guidelines are not ideal and may not be what you pictured for your event but it has been done for the health, safety, and well being of all.  We will continue to update our guidelines as new information becomes available.  

COVID-19 Update - Last Updated 7/23/20